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Maple Leaf To Go Smoke Free, All Bars May Have To Follow

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The Maple Leaf is participating in Smoke Free Week until Friday, sure, but the bar is going full on smoke-free this fall, according to The Times-Pic. Bar Manager Rachel Arrington tells The Times-Pic feelings are mixed among the staff: "We're waiting to see if more people come in and buy drinks because we're smoke-free, or if less people come in for that reason."

Meanwhile, Alex Woodward notes that all the bars in the city could be going smoke free in the near future, as Latoya Cantrell "plans to introduce legislation in November to ban smoking in bars and public buildings. She has the support of Mayor Mitch Landrieu as well as several of her fellow councilmembers" including Susan Guidry and James Gray.

What do y'all think? Should New Orleans bars be smoke free? Know of a bar that recently banned smoking? Leave a comment or send Eater a tip.

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