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Tales of The Cocktail 2014 Coverage Starts Now

[Photos: Brasted]

Rejoice craft boozers, Tales of the Cocktail is here. This is the week where the spirits industry descends upon the French Quarter to partake in all forms of revelry, from pool parties to seminars to shindigs in airport hangars. Check back on Eater all week long for the last news, reports, and photos of this Tales of the Cocktail 2014. First up, check out the Eater Scenes above from the Blender Splendor Miami Vice Pool Party and Ode to Bowl. Also, here's the latest breaking Tales news.

Pop-up booze in the LGD: The best booze pop up in town Dash and Pony hosts "Fails of the Cocktail: Trash and Pony" tomorrow night, July 17, at 10 p.m. at 1810 Hastings Place in the Lower Garden District. [Eaterwire]

New events: Ian McNulty reports that Tales Restaurant Week "a dining series that's now underway and continues through Monday at nine restaurants... meant to showcase the close relationship between cuisine and cocktails" is now underway. Dynamic Duos, wherein local bartenders and industry pros and legends :work together for two- or three-hour shifts at restaurants and bars around town" including Loa, SoBou and more. [Advocate]

Now trending at Tales: "You're seeing more bartenders connect a sense of history to their drinks," according to Jeff Beachbum Berry. "They've already deconstructed drinks, people have already learned what goes into them, so now they're onto the stories." Also trending: grassroots entrepreneurism. [Advocate]

· Live Coverage: If you can't miss a moment of Tales, The Times-Pic staffers are broadcasting live from select events. []

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