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Todd A. Price on NOLA Cluck Truck's Hot 'Tasty Birds'

Todd A. Price takes a look at the New Orleans' newest food truck addition the NOLA Cluck Truck this week, which is now making regular stops in the CBD, around Lloyola and Tulane. Check schedule here or @nolaclucktruck. Launched by Guideaux's founder Luca DiSomma, the truck specializes in chicken and biscuits, fried pickles, chicken tenders and wings.

DiSomma is also featured in this video, where he reveals that, yes, the batter is the most important part of making good fried chicken. Price is bout-it bout-it, noting "these tasty birds are hot, well-seasoned comfort food that you can devour on a curb." Well okay then.

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[Photo: Brasted]