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St. James Cheese Company Likely Expanding to CBD

The days of hauling ass Uptown to devour a Ploughman's Lunch before heading back to the office may soon be alleviated for the CBD crowd, as word on the street is St. James Cheese Company owners Richard and Danielle Sutton plan to open a location in the Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar/Vic's Kangaroo vicinity sometime in the near future. Rumor has it that the building is still under construction at this time.

According to sources, this location will be a tad different than the Uptown flagship as the cheese counter will be separate from the food-line, so you won't be caught spending your lunch hour behind Aunt Ethyl who needs 5 pounds of shredded Emmentaler for a quiche cook-off before getting to order your Beecher's and chips.

Richard Sutton is currently is Switzerland on some sort of gruyere immersion trip (seriously), so was unable to be reached for confirmation. Do stay tuned for more on St. James Cheese Company's potential expansion in the coming week.

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Tchoupitoulas in the CBD [Photo: Google Maps]

St. James Cheese Company

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