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Chandeleur, Mudbug Brewing Coming Soon & More

Todd Price reports that House Bill 1036 was signed into law by the governor last week, enabling booze distributors and manufacturers to donate alcohol to non-profit events. "Until HB 1036 was approved, nonprofit organizations had to purchase liquor and wine at the standard wholesale price prior to an event. The manufacturers or distributors could then make a donation to the nonprofit organization to cover that cost. That makeshift solution pleased no one. Nonprofit organizations had to front the cost of the alcohol with no guarantee that a donation would be received to cover the expense. Manufacturers and distributors had to provide a donation that covered both their cost and the wholesale markup." Beer festivals like WYES International Beer Festival, Bayou Beer Festival and the LASPCA's New Orleans On Tap will benefit from this law change.

Booze whisperer Laura McKnight shares a bit of Mississippi craft beer history as well as news that new brewery Chandeleur Brewing is slated to open in Gulfport in November and distribute in the New Orleans area immediately. No local beer distributor was named at this time, however. "We want to incorporate local ingredients from the Gulf Coast as well as new styles that will keep people coming back to our beer," co-founder Cain Roberds said.

Construction on Mudbug Brewing in Thibodaux is progressing steadily, with Houma Today reporting that it will be open for business by the end of 2014.

Also, the Wayward Owl Brewing team has landed in Louisiana, having moved from the Pacific Northwest back home to open a brewery here. Brewer and founder Justin "Boz" Boswell reports on his website that they are scouting for a location, which will hopefully be in New Orleans.

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— Nora McGunnigle
Construction at Mudbug Brewing [Photo: Facebook]