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Melting Pot For Sale; Bartender Dives for TOTC 2014

OAK STREET—Brett Anderson on Oak wine bar this week: "It's the casual wine bar for people who still dress up for work; one can easily imagine stumbling onto this sunny, sparely appointed space just off the lobby of a four star hotel." []

LGD— Sarah Baird reports that The Melting Pot (1820 St. Charles Avenue) is now looking for a new owner: "4,700 square feet of the Lower Garden District fondue kingdom could be yours for $350,000." [Gambit]

NOLA— For those visiting Tales of the Cocktail July 16, bartender fave Rhiannon Enlil of Cure and Erin Rose offers a local's guide to eating/drinking in the downtown area, including a few great dives: Saturn Bar, Bud Rips, Buffa's and The Boondock Saint. []

Saturn Bar [Photo: Brasted]