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What is The Best Roadside Boudin Stop in Louisiana?

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 Best Stop in Scott, Louisiana
Best Stop in Scott, Louisiana
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As Eater prepares to launch The Five Days Of Meat— which hits the Eater universe the week of July 7, featuring all things MEAT in New Orleans and beyond— let's now turn our attention to a very pressing question about meat in Louisiana: What is the best roadside boudin stop of them all?

Whether it's a shack on a dusty road in Mamou or a meat market in Krotz Springs, Eater wants to hear about your favorite hidden gems and not-so-hidden hotspots for boudin all over Cajun Country and beyond (nearby states also apply). Bonus points for cracklin, boudin noir, boudin balls, chaudin, andouille... ALL Cajun delicacies count here, so tell us your best.

Hit the comments or send Eater a tip, and expect to see a reader-decided guide or two come The Five Days of Meat time. Have at it and have a great weekend, folks.

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