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Brett Anderson Names His Top 7 Spots For MSY Dining

 Dooky Chases's in the Main Terminal
Dooky Chases's in the Main Terminal
Photo: Brasted

Oh, the airport. Home of bad coffee, folks confused by Southwest's boarding system, and off site parking lots that claim to charge $8.95 a day but reap the benefits of a dozen hidden taxes and fees. Oh, the horror of it all. And that's just without addressing the food. But fear not, frequent flyers, for today The Times-Pic's head beanie baby Brett Anderson has released his 7 places to eat at New Orleans International Airport, and while there's certainly no 3-5 bean review to be had here, these spots do indeed serve edible food, some quite enjoyable.

1.) Dooky Chase's: "The fried chicken is cooked to order, a deal-breaker if you're pressed for time, but also a big reason the fried chicken rivals some of the best in town." Main terminal.
2.) West Beignets: "It was hardly past 6 a.m. when I got my bag of beignets, which delivered what you want from them: They were hot, crisp, airy and blanketed in powdered sugar." Main terminal.
3.) Praline Connection: Drumettes leave much to be desired, "but if you find yourself waiting for a late flight and craving stewed greens, pork chops and corn bread, you'll be thankful this is the concourse you're stuck in." Concourse B.
4.) Zatarain's: "This menu goes big on practical, inoffensive dishes, including chicken salad, red beans and Zatarain's justly respected jambalaya." Plus, shrimp and grits with shrimp "big as my thumb." Concourse B.
5.) Copeland's Gourmet Kitchen: "Copeland's does a respectable job mass-producing Louisiana food without sacrificing too much flavor" ie. butter biscuits, jambalaya, gumbo and fried crab cakes with "actual bits of lump meat folded" in. Concourse C.
6.) Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro Scoop Café: Nevermind the scoops of cheesecake, "the muffuletta from this compact outlet, served warm, is more than respectable," and portable. Concourse C.
7.) Ye Olde College Inn: "If you're a local, it should warm your heart to discover the horseshoe bar, a signature of the brick-and-mortar Ye Olde College Inn on Carrollton Avenue," and "fork-tender pork medallions with mustard greens" to boot. Concourse D.

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Ye Olde College Inn

3000 South Carrollton Avenue, , LA 70118 (504) 866-3683 Visit Website

Dooky Chase Restaurant

2301 Orleans Avenue, , LA 70119 (504) 821-0600 Visit Website