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Bittermens' New Products, Best Bars in America, More

NORTH SHORE— Purloo is popping up at the Beau Chene Country Club in Mandeville this Sunday, June 29, at 6 p.m. Fresh on the heels of his trip to Russia, chef Ryan Hughes will pull out all his Louisiana cultural ambassador bests including crispy oysters, roasted Chappapeela Farms duck breast and more fine dishes. More info on []

NOLA— Local bitters/spirits producers Janet and Avery Glasser of Bittermens plan to expand their product line-up this summer with NoDef reporting that new releases include "a Fernet ginger cola, a Tapache liqueur based on a Mexican pineapple beverage" plus 2 spirits "that will join their already popular Baska Snaps in their Scandinavian line, Solståndet Akvavit and Salmiakki Dala fernet." [NoDef]

NOLA— Dave Walker reports that Esquire's new television show Best Bars in America is debuting at 9 p.m. tonight (after Brew Dogs), and features not only visits to New Orleans in coming episodes, but is co-hosted by Nola native /comedian Sean Patton. []

Ryan Hughes in Moscow [Photo: US Embassy Moscow/Facebook]