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Two Beer Meccas Showcasing Sour Beer For Summer

 Silver Oak Cabernet barrels used to age NOLA Brewing's Swamp Grape Escape with Brettanomyces
Silver Oak Cabernet barrels used to age NOLA Brewing's Swamp Grape Escape with Brettanomyces
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Both the Avenue Pub and NOLA Brewing Tap Room announced weekly sour beer events for the summer. As Polly Watts, owner of the Avenue Pub, says, "We think summer is the perfect time to drink sour beer; it's light, refreshing and thrust quenching."

The Pub will be starting its "Rare Beer & Sour Saturdays" series this weekend, featuring Watts' favorite Drie Fontienen Kriek, Cuvee de Ranke, and Hannsens Scarenbecca Kriek. The series will continue through July 19, with highlights like Cantillon Iris, Saint Arnold Bishops Barrel #2, and Tilquin Questche (Plum Lambic).

NOLA Brewing is kicking off its Wild Wednesdays tonight with a version of their 2013 New Belgium collaboration beer, Swamp Grape Escape. This "Belgian single" style made with local muscadine grapes has been aging in Silver Oak Cabernet barrels along with the addition of wild yeast strain Brettanomyces "L".

Tonight is also the premier of the craft beer/travel show Brew Dogs. The folks at NOLA Brewing are more excited than most about the start of the season, since they were featured in the series' New Orleans-based episode. The scheduling of that episode is still TBA, but you can check out James Watt and Martin Dickey in North Carolina this evening on the Esquire Channel starting at 8pm. If you don't have the Esquire Channel, just head to NOLA Brewing Tap Room for their viewing.

Also, check out the Gambit's Q&A with one half of the Brew Dog duo, James Watt. Among other tidbits, he confesses his love for tater tots and NOLA Brewing's Hopitoulas IPA.

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— Nora McGunnigle

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