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Tiny Booze Bottles, Borgne's Bycatch Happy Hour, More

CENTRAL CITY— NoDef has a look at the Jack & Jake's grocery renovations happening on O.C. Haley right now: "The two-floor store covers over 23,000 sq. feet., and features a variety of goods for sale... They'll also offer healthy pre-cooked options, po boys, and other quick to go items." The store is slated to open this fall. [NoDef]

NOLA— Tiny liquor bottles are now legal in Louisiana, y'all. This cuteness overload means NOLA-based Sazerac will soon debut products like Fireball in 100 ml bottles. That's "twice the size of airplane bottles," which in drunkard speak translates to hold me closer Taaka Vodka size. []

QUARTER— Looks like Ralph Brennan will likely be taking over the Brennan's restaurant name, unless as Doug MacCash notes, a dark horse bids against him for the tune of $3,075,000+ by 3 p.m. Monday, July 7. []

CBD— Borgne is doing a 'Bycatch Happy Hour" today, June 24, until 6 p.m. in partnership with the Eat Local Challenge. On top of their killer drink specials, dhef Brian Landry has created a tapas menu using bycatch or lesser known fish including a Salad Lyon with smoked bermuda chub, a sheepshead ceviche, catfish sliders and more. [Eaterwire]

Brian Landry and an alligator gar friend [Photo: John Besh/Instagram]


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