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Dinner Lab is Expanding to 9 More Cities

New Orleans-based members-only supper club Dinner Lab is poised for some major growth. Per Todd Price at, the underground dining society announced this morning that it will expand to Houston, San Antonio, Denver, St. Louis, Charlotte, Philadelphia, San Diego, Milwaukee and Baltimore, bringing the total number of cities occupied by Dinner Lab to a whopping 19.

Earlier this month Gambit reported that Dinner Lab had raised $2.1 million to fund their expansion plans, with Whole Foods chairman Dr. John B. Elstrott on board as an investor. reports that the group is also eyeing five more unnamed U.S. cities for future outposts (including possibly San Jose and Toronto); "beyond that, the company will focus on international markets."

Memberships for all 19 cities are currently available for purchase through Dinner Lab's website, with prices ranging from $100-$200 for an annual membership; tickets to the weekly events must be purchased for an additional price. Previous events have included a "Swamp 2 Table" dinner in New Orleans and an "Asian Smokehouse"-themed dinner in Austin.

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