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Crawfish Meets Basque; Regarding Popeye's Recipe Sale

FRENCH QUARTER—This ain't your average crawfish berl. Sunday, June 22 at Cane & Table (1113 Decatur St.) the mud bugs will be paired with drinks from the Basque region of Spain. There will be special pricing on Basque ciders, Txakoli, and cocktails "with Basque-inspired elements." Tickets are $15. []

CBD—Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. at the International Hotel (221 Camp St.) is a St. John's Eve celebration of summer solstice with a "John's Way elixir" by "spirit handler" Alan Walter of Loa and Haitian rum and food truck by La Cocinita. There will also be an altar dedicated to Vodou Queen Marie Laveau and a ceremony by priestess Sallie Ann Glassman. [EaterWire]

NOLA—Al Copeland, Jr. on the $43 million sale of his family's fried chicken recipe to Popeye's: "It's a wonderful deal...What I can tell you is no one's getting a pocket full of money and running off into the sunset in the Caribbean." []

NOLA—It's World Cup mania and here's the latest list on where to get Brazilian food around town: Churra's Brazilian Grill, Brazilian Market & Café, Carmo, Brazil Taco Truck, and Coco Bamboo. [Advocate]
Cane and Table [Photo: Krieger]