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Boswell's Fundraiser Cancelled; Stella! Employees Organize

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Todd Price reports that after getting grief from all corners about the $200+ fundraising benefit, originally stated to aid second restaurant Stanley from closing, Stella! owners Scott and Tanya Boswell have cancelled the fundraiser, blaming (in a statement) the "poor choice of words the perception of the event is being viewed by the media and the community as in poor taste." Interestingly, now the stated purpose of the event was to "raise enough funds to pay what is owed to the loyal employees at Stella!" although that was not the original intent, which had been stated as being "in pursuit of saving Stanley."

Speaking of the unpaid and loyal employees of Stella!, although court documents show that Boswell secured an emergency loan this past Monday, June 16, the employees claim that no former employees have received any payment and have started a Facebook page and are starting to plan their own fundraiser.

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Scott Boswell in front of Stella! [Photo: Facebook]

— Nora McGunnigle