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Stanley's Future At Stake, But What About That Ferrari?

After the shocking shutter of Stella! last week, and chef Scott Boswell filing for bankruptcy, Brett Anderson is now addressing the question: Is fine dining is on it's way out in New Orleans? While chef Ian Schnoebelen has left Iris to attend to Mariza full time, and August's Michael Gulotta has opened casual but refined MoPho in Mid City, Phillip Lopez also just opened his new tasting-menu restaurant Square Root, which is seeking to redefine what high end dining really is ie. no white table cloths for T-Fitz. Still busting out the traditional white linen: Restaurant August, Emeril's Delmonico, Commander's Palace and Restaurant R'evolution. So, no, fine dining is likely never leaving New Orleans because...honestly, that's just silly... it's just ever-evolving.

What isn't so silly, Anderson notes: "The Chapter 11 filing, coupled with Boswell's taste for Ferraris, Brioni chef jackets and $200-a-head fundraisers, confirms the chef ran his business unconcerned with market realities." Meanwhile, Eater tipsters are now writing in that The Boswells have taken out an emergency loan to pay their current employees and have also told staff at Stanley that paying former employees isn't a top priority.

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Scott Boswell in front of Stella! [Photo: Facebook]


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