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Reviews for Oak Oven, The Sammich, And Mizado

 Oak Oven
Oak Oven
Photo: Paul Broussard

This week Sarah Baird review Oak Oven, the unlikely pizza fave out in Harahan from chef Adam Superneaux and takes a liking to the meaty wood-fired pies: "The maiale pie is loaded with finely crafted cured meats including roasted pork, sweet fennel-flecked sausage and bacon, putting many "meat lovers" pizzas to shame. The lamb meatball pizza is equally exciting, with pools of creamy ricotta serving as the perfect foil to the cumin and coriander notes of tender, crumbly lamb.

Ian McNulty heads to Maple Street for a taste of The Sammich: "Like so much else happening across the New Orleans dining scene today, the Sammich adds interesting new flavors to explore" in terms of po boys, specifically chef/owner Michael Brewer's braised rabbit, Brie and fried oysters, and a grilled chicken po-boy with kimchee and coleslaw. Plus, 50+ bottle beers and fried, yes fried, Brussels sprouts. [Advocate]

Tom Fitzmorris talks smack about ya mamacita and dem at Mizado this week, doling out THREE WHOLE STARS: "This is a great place to get a Mexican cocktail or beer and three or four rounds of food," but keep in mind the food is "not especially Mexican," including T-Fitz' #1 essential dish Latin Tuna Tataki and #10 bread pudding with meringue. +3 Hipness Points because "it's a lot like a hundred restaurants in Los Angeles, where they have worked on diversifying Mexican food a lot longer than we have," but for shame, queso dip "winds up just sitting there." [CityBusiness, sub req]

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