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Beer Tastings, Eat & Bowl, Father's Day Food, & More

NOLA— Here are 10 cool things to do in town this weekend, including WYES beer tasting which starts tonight, the Cajun-Zydeco festival, and more. []

CBD— Nola's chapter of The Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) hosts their fifth annual bowling tournament, "Eat and Bowl," on Sunday, June 22, at Fulton Alley (600 Fulton) from 4:30-8:30 p.m. Teams of four can be purchased for $400, which includes an additional four entry tickets. Individual tickets for spectators can be purchased for $30 per person and includes food and a cash bar. Get tix here. [Eatewire]

NOLA— Ian McNulty on the hunt for perfect Father's Day food: "The key, I think, is to find the place where dad feels both at his ease and like he's being looked after... Louisiana men cook like nobody's business, and if your dad is at his best around the smoker or the seafood boiling pot then let him do his thing. Assist or admire from a safe distance as your own experience with dad's cooking dictates – the point is to be there with him." [Advocate]

Fulton Alley [Photo: Brasted]