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Ted Brennan Plans To Open and Run a New Brennan's

Brennan's lawsuit translator Doug MacCash reports that former owner of The Big Pink Ted Brennan and daughter Bridget Brennan Tyrrell have officially announced plans to open another Brennan's, which they describe as "a long-awaited reunion of many treasured employees, with executive chef, Lazone Randolph, who has been with our family for over 40 years, at its helm."

Currently, Ted Brennan still has the rights to the Brennan's restaurant name. However, an involuntary bankruptcy/liquidation of assets may put an end to that, meaning Ralph Brennan could scoop up the name for the reopening of his Big Pink revamp this fall— which will feature chef Slade Rushing in the kitchen.

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Chef Lazone Randolph [Photo: Brennan's/Official Website]