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Chef Ryan Prewitt on Pêche's First Year in Biz

Pêche's Ryan Prewitt.
Pêche's Ryan Prewitt.
Photo: Josh Brasted

It's been a helluva past few weeks for Ryan Prewitt, head chef of Donald Link's Pêche: First, Pêche became the first-ever NOLA restaurant to snag the coveted James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant, and if that wasn't enough, Prewitt tied with Sue Zemanick for the Best Chef: South award. Naturally, the aftermath of said awards was a crazy influx of reservation requests — so much so that they had to hire on more staff. Now, Prewitt talks to Eater National about the Beard victories ("the whole thing was just completely surreal"), how difficult it is to get a reservation at the now-even-more-busy restaurant, and what the future holds for Pêche.

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