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syl5%3A20.pngBecause you know you want to eat fresh flowers, here's five dishes that feature them: Doris Metropolitan's artichoke flower salad, La Petite Grocery's almond/date cake with rose caramel, Maurepas Foods' wild mushroom soup with wild flowers, Meltdown's strawberry hibiscus pop, and Sylvain's chicken liver crostini with dandelion gastrique. [Gambit]


625 Chartres Street, , LA 70130 (504) 265-8123 Visit Website

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.267.0072 Visit Website

Doris Metropolitan

620 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130

La Petite Grocery

4238 Magazine Street, , LA 70115 (504) 891-3377 Visit Website