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Reviews for Arnaud's and The Sneaky Pickle

Tom Fitzmorris doles out the ultimate FOUR STARS to "less appreciated" but very deserving grand dame Arnaud's this week: "Under the long chefhood of Tommy DiGiovanni, it has added new dishes with regularity while respecting the classic French-Creole traditions it helped create." That and they're "filling the gap in the brunch category" left by Brennan's "apparent death." T-Fitz' #1 Essential Dish, shrimp remoulade, is " the best of its kind." No Hipness points, despite Chris Hannah's presence over in The French 75 bar. [CityBusiness, subscription required]

Sarah Baird reviews the Bywater's new quasi-vegan addition Sneaky Pickle this week to find hit-and-miss results: The vegan breads are worth the trip to take home, but many dishes' "individual elements are unable to shine and often are lost in a muddled mess," like the mishmash menu item actually (ironically?) called "bowl of food." Apparently the lighting also sort of sucks and there's a faint "musty smell." [Gambit]

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Arnaud's [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]

Arnaud's Restaurant

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