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More Fess Food, A Burger Battle, And 'Hispanakopita'

FAIR GROUNDS— Ian McNulty reports that to find the best dish at Jazz Fest, one need only ask around: "I quizzed people across town on their favorites to help guide my own run at Jazz Fest food this year. The approach pointed the way to revelations and underscored the personal connection New Orleanians sometimes form with the food here." [Advocate]

NOLA— Sabrina Wilson reports that Phil's Grill owner Phil De Gruy's application for a trademark for their annual "Burger Bowl" and prize, the "Lom-Burger trophy," has attracted the attention of the NFL's lawyers. [Fox8]

NOLA— Todd Price on solar powered food truck Empanada Intifada's unique offering: The 'hispanakopita' is stuffed with spinach and goat cheese and topped with honey and ancho sunflower brittle for a nice crunch and a lingering nutty flavor." []

Empanada Intifada [Photo: Paul Broussard]