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Chow Masters in Nola, A Look at Taceaux Loceaux

LGD— The Irish House is currently hosting an all day fundraiser today, May 13, for the family Frank Guinn, a cyclist and Atlanta firefighter who was killed in New Orleans while training for an Ironman competition. 10% of all food sales will go towards the Guinn family. Irish House closes around midnight. [NoDef]

NOLA— Tonight's episode of Travel Channel's Chow Masters will feature New Orleans' restaurants including Seither's Seafood. Todd A. Price describes the show as thus: "The series sends film director Frank Coraci ("The Wedding Singer," "The Waterboy") and Las Vegas chef Sammy DeMarco on the road for comfort-food finds...Chefs in each city... compete for a Golden Skillet prize and $10,000." []

NOLA— Todd A. Price on food truck fave Taceaux Loceaux: "When it started, eating at Taceaux Loceaux required luck or a determined search. Now, as happens to all us with age, the truck has settled into a routine. Its nighttime stops at the Kingpin or Dos Jefes are predictable enough for families to count on the truck for dinner." []

[Photo: Facebook]