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French Restaurant in Garden Setting May Head to Bywater

Looks like a new dining experience could potentially be heading to the Bywater from documentary filmmaker Aaron Walker (Bury The Hatchet). The Bywater Neighborhood Association notes that: "Aaron Walker owns the property located at 1117 Montegut Street and would like to open a restaurant at that location, focusing on traditional French cuisine and natural wines in a garden setting." As for industry-cred, Walker also happens to be the husband of Yuki Yamaguchi, who owns/runs Yuki Izakaya.

The property is already zoned for a restaurant and for serving alcoholic beverages but it does need a waiver to overlook the fact that there isn't any off-street parking available. The Board of Zoning Adjustments (that's the "BZA" in Wu Tang speak) will meet at the site (1117 Montegut) on May 15 at 7 p.m., and neighbors are invited to attend, learn about the plans, and comment on the proposal.

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1117 Montegut Street [Photo: GoogleMaps]