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This Is What The World's Largest Crawfish Boil Looks Like

[Photos: Brasted]

The record for World's Largest Crawfish Boil was met in just two hours on Saturday, as Zatarain's SOLD OUT of 27,000 pounds of cray crays plus an extra 2,000 pounds of mudbugs in reserve by 2 p.m. during a boil that was supposed to last until 6 p.m. Dang. That's likely in part because a serving (3 lbs) was only $3, and seeing as you can drop about $50 on 2-3 servings, sides, and a six pack of High Life at your nearest berled seafood joint right now, that is an amazing deal.

The event drew out 8,000 people with proceeds benefitting Second Harvest. Records broken: "Largest attendance at a crawfish boil in a single day" and "largest amount of pounds boiled at a crawfish boil in a single day," according to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Here now, is what the world's largest crawfish boil looks like.

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