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Vetiver Farm Hits Bywater, Do-Gooder Stoltzfus, More

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BYWATER— Farmers Keenan McDonald and Nicola Krebill are in the last stages of fundraising via Indiegogo for their new urban farm, Vetiver, on a half-acre spot at 1028 Kentucky St., offering classes, community-based events, compost pick-up, transplants for growers, and premium baby greens and the like to local chefs/restaurants. Check out Vetiver online right here. [Eaterwire]

GARDEN DISTRICT— Coquette is hosting two lunches for students in the Ochsner CHOP Program this week. The program teaches middle school students how to make simple substitutions in their favorite dishes to make them healthier, plus knife skills and recipes. Do-gooder/chef Michael Stoltzfus will host 30-35 students this week for lunch, also discussing how he incorporates produce from his own garden into the meal. [Eaterwire]

NOLA— Here's some seasonal crawfish porn from a backyard boil because it's sexy and you know it. [NoDef]

Inside Coquette [Photo: Official Website]