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A Bayou St. John Reno; Luxury Living in the CBD; Jazzland

Welcome to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.
3042 St. Ann Street

BAYOU ST. JOHN— Less than a year ago this home (pictured above) sold for just $125,000. A serious makeover whipped this place into shape and it listed with a $367,500 price tag, then flew off the market in less than a week. Take a look around.

CBD— Luxury living is hitting Elk Place this summer, in the form of 96 apartments at the 17-story building, formerly known as the Elk Medical Plaza. Details this way.

NEW ORLEANS EAST— The former Six Flags site continues its development limbo status as two group's proposals, both involving a Jazzland theme park comeback, didn't exactly thrill the selection panel. For those catching up, don't miss the plans for a 450-foot Noah's Ark replica with erm, a recording studio inside of it, or the Lego model of a proposed "world shopping center."

NOLA· For your viewing pleasure, check out this collection of weird, funny, and downright awful photos from real estate listings around town. Caution: cringe-inducing sights ahead, y'all.