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'Besh Box' A Thing of The Past as John Besh Files Lawsuit

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Besh Box, the monthly delivery cooking kit launched by Chef John Besh and his biz partner Octavio Mantilla, is shutting down operations and a lawsuit has been filed against their operating partner, Box Car Sally LLC. Todd A. Price reports that a temporary restraining order was granted today against Box Car Sally and in an email to The Times-Pic, Besh wrote:

"We've made the difficult decision to shut down Besh Box operations as our partner, Box Car Sally, has an internal dispute that has rendered operations impossible."

No word (yet!) on what exactly that "internal dispute" is all about, but in other news pertaining to the lawsuit, apparently Box Car Sally never came through on their $500,000 start-up capital. In a stand-up move, Besh says he will "personally refund anyone who has paid for and not received Besh Boxes," which could add up to, oh, about $200,000. The subscription-based boxes went for $55 apiece and made their delivery debut in December 2013. Know the inside scoop? We're all ears.
· John Besh files lawsuit against partner in 'Besh Box' []
photo: [John Besh/facebook]