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Creole Cottage Apparently Shutters During Jazz Fest

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Something bizzare is happening over at Creole Cottage Esplanade. An Eater tipster writes in that the newish restaurant seems to have shut down right in the middle of Jazz Fest: "The place is empty and the front door is chained shut."

Currently, the door isn't chained shut, but it is locked, and the joint is empty and disheveled during what should be their normal hours of operation. The phone number listed on Foursquare is no longer in service. This isn't too surprising considering that the owner, Elvira Collins, is reportedly the same as Montrel's Bistro, the bounced check emporium/severe health code violator that got booted from the French Market in 2013 after a long, drawn-out eviction battle. Also, judging by Yelp, Creole Cottage has been volatile since opening, with reports of kitchen fights, icky dairy creamer (gasp), wait staff driving off during service, and other Kitchen Nightmares type fodder taking place (Montrel's, in fact, was set to be on the show, but the city put the kibosh on it).

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Creole Cottage

3101 Esplanade Ave New Orleans, LA 70119