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Best Restaurants For Cocktails, Wage Rally, And More

NOLA— Scott Gold on why the best cocktails in New Orleans are found in restaurants: Because "any great restaurant in this city is going to have a great bar," such as Arnaud's, Broussard's, SoBou, Dominique's on Magazine and more. [Thrillist]

NOLA— Many local restaurant workers are hoping for minimum wage increase, as a bill moves through congress this week that could raise the wage to $10.10/hour . Per WWNO: "A group of mostly restaurant workers gathered in front of the New Orleans office of Senator Mary Landrieu on Monday to deliver a simple message: Minimum wage earners work hard, but often struggle to make ends meet." [WWNO]

CBD— Todd Price reports that Champion's Square'snewly debuted outdoor music venue (with a newly added permanent stage) and ongoing Bold Sphere Music series plan to add "five or six trucks selling food" at upcoming shows. The recent Lana Del Ray show featured NOCCA's Boxcar and Food Drunk. []

Arnaud's [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]