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Behold Brett Anderson's Top 15 Jazz Fest Foods

Photo: Eater NOLA flickr Pool/Paul Broussard

Brett Anderson is going on 14 years of Jazz Festing, which means he is now some sort of Jedi master of the fess-feast, probably capable of carrying an iced tea, a beer cooler, a plate of jama jama with a cracklin/strudel/strawberry shortcake stack levitating on top, while simultaneously eating a bowl of gumbo and purchasing a commemorative bandana. It's a risky business, with all things creamy, deep-fried and indulgent mingling with the sun, heat, mud, and the ever-faint ghost scent of a horse's patoot on the breeze. But as all festers knows, it's oh so worth it.

Here now, are Brett Anderson's all time favorite New Orleans Jazz Fest foods, including two new dishes he hopes are here to stay.

In Food Area I
· Cochon de lait po' boy
· Crawfish with fried jalapenos and onions *new, debuted in 2013
· Seafood mirliton casserole
· Miss Linda's Ya-ka-mein

In Food Area II
· Chicken and tasso with creole rice
· Prejean's pheasant, quail, and andouille gumbo
· Merguez
· Seaweed and cucumber salad
· Softshell crab po' boy

Congo Square
· Carmo's acaraje (actually located in Cultural Exchange) *new
· Jama Jama

Heritage Square
· Beignets
· Li'l Dizzy's trout bacquet
· White beans
· Raw oysters (located in Grandstand)

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