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Le Foret's Spring Menu, NOCHI Update, And More

NOLA—Brett Anderson reports that Atchafalaya's chef Chris Lynch will appear on Food Network Star, airing this summer. The show pits 12 competitors against each other in challenges that these their "kitchen and on-camera chops to find out who has the talent and charisma" to host their own Food Network show. [Eaterwire]

CBD— Chef Brandon Felder is rocking a new spring/summer menu at Le Foret (129 Camp) including a lobster salad and seared snapper, as well as a $65/person tasting menu. The restaurant has also teamed up with Gallery Orange and now has one-of-a-kind abstract, figurative, folk and pop art all over the dining room. [Eaterwire]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT— Todd A. Price reports that Delgado's new Culinary Center for Workforce has been approved by the state's Board of Regents. The center will be part of upcoming NOCHI. []

UPTOWN— New Orleans native Josh Boeckelman is now IN as executive chef at Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar. Boeckelman has worked for the Taste Buds (they of Mizado/Zea's fame) and has also trained under Sue Zemanick and Susan Spicer. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Nikki Mayeux]