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Brett Anderson Has Mad Love For Dolce Vita's Pizza

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 Bogdan Mocanu at Dolce Vita
Bogdan Mocanu at Dolce Vita
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Brett Anderson has just opened a secret passageway into the ninth circle of pizza trolls this week with his refined question baiting: "Can Dolce Vita give Pizza Domenica a run for its money?" His own answer seems to be YES, chef Bogdan Mocanu does turn out the embodiment of great wood fired pizza from his Stefano Ferraro brick oven, but the restaurant is just "not in a very sexy location."

"It wasn't until last week that I tried Dolce Vita's pizza... Both embodied what makes great wood-fire oven pizza a cut above other pies. The crust was blistered on the edges, thin but with a stretchy tug to the dough. The tartly fresh-tasting tomato sauce appeared as a judicious smear. The basil was fragrant. I could've eaten two more."

Overall, Anderson deems Dolce Vita "worthy competition," though in the comments section, he goes onto note "DV is not in a very sexy location. But if it would be a lot more attractive if it was drawing crowds. And the pizzas I tried were certainly crowd-worthy. That said, I only tried the basic pies. I know he's [chef Bogdan Mocanu] into funky pizza toppings. I'm not so much."

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Dolce Vita

1205 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-324-7674

Dolce Vita Wood Fire Pizzeria

1205 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130