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Bayou Rum Dinner, Jazz Fest Hydration, And More

CENTRAL CITY— Chef Ryan Hughes is doing Purloo on Wednesday, April 23, this week because he'll be out demoing at the Jazz Fest this Friday (at 2:30 on the Zatairain's cooking stage). Wednesdays Purloo features Bayou two Rum cocktail pairings, live acoustic jazz w/ Roy & Bill, and five courses including a sauteed softshell and also a rabbit terrine for $54/person. Text/call in reservations to (504)430-1840

FAIR GROUNDS— Tips for a safe, fun Jazz Fest include not wearing shoes that give you blisters and also this from the Fess' medical director: "Drink one bottle of water to every beer. Equal water to alcohol. Since you buy each at the same place, just buy both." [Advocate]

NOLA— The Times-Pic discusses the impact the BP oil spill still has had (and continues to have) on Louisiana, from Frank Brigtsen's "temporary aversion" to oysters, to rising seafood costs, drop off in supply, and the fact that today "Some guys still can't fish because BP hasn't settled with them yet," as Benny Miller of Louisiana Seafood Exchange points out. []
Jazz Fest [Photo: ]

ST. CLAUDE— Sarah Baird reports that today is Dyngus Day— a Slavic holiday marking the the end of Lent— and Kukhnya is celebrating with an all Polish menu including "hearty, traditional dishes like bigos (a hunter's stew with beef, pork, cabbage, and dates) and Cleaver & Co. created kielbasa, as well as more playful options, like Polish meatballs and a Polish pretzel dog." [Gambit]