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Lopez' Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Toast is Close, More

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LGD— Here's a video of Square Root chef Phillip Lopez using an ultrasonic homogenizer to artificially age bourbon five years in 12 minutes. []

NOLA— Kim Severson reviews Donald Link's new cookbook Down South this week in the New York Times: "He makes the point Southern cooks have been trying to get across for years: Southern food is a collection of microcuisines, as specific in ingredients and technique as the regions of Italy." [NYT]

UPTOWN— Sarah Baird reports that the upcoming home of aebleskivers Toast has a final inspection on Monday. Tartine's Matt Engle tells her, "We wanted an additional place to spotlight how great we are at breakfast... it was a natural expansion." [Gambit]

UPTOWN— Robert Morris reports that Neighbors are celebrating the start of construction on the Baronne Street Martin Wine Cellar revamp. Also: "For now, Martin plans to keep the Magazine Street store open as well." [UptownMessenger]

QUARTER— The Times-Pic reports that Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer will be at Spirits on Bourbon (615 Bourbon St) on Friday, April 18 at 7 p.m. to sign/promote his book Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions. The event is free and you get a complimentary "Resurrection" cocktail with the purchase of the book. Spirits, you may recall, was a bar called Turtle Bay (not associated w/ Decatur bar) that Taffer made over on the first season of Bar Rescue. []

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