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Brennan's 2.0 Still Has No Name, Set To Open Labor Day

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The restaurant formerly known as Brennan's (TRFKAB) may or may not be known as Brennan's in the near future, as new owner Ralph Brennan tells Todd A. Price that "we're still interested in the Brennan's name, but we have a plan B." It's doubtful that Ted Brennan— who currently (legally) is in charge of bankrupt Brennan's Inc. and has even expressed the desire to reopen the restaurant— will allow his cousin to play the name game, but at this point, crazier things have happened in the ongoing Brennan's Saga (including fisticuffs, employee lock outs, auction blocks, a motion to dismiss a motion to dismiss a lawsuit, and more familial dysfunction).

Brennan and co-owner Terry White have set a potential Labor Day opening date for the new incarnation of The Big Pink, but whether or not the building will remain pink is anybody's guess. The team is just now starting on the design elements after undergoing some serious multimillion dollar structural revamps, including a second-floor update— you may recall a 'small portion' of ceiling actually collapsed in February— and also a big layout-change downstairs including an "entirely new kitchen." No executive chef has been brought on to man the spawkly new addition yet.

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Brennan's [Photo: flickr/Derek Bridges]


417 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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