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Convention Center Expansion Plans; Apparatus X; More!

Welcome to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.
rendering via MCCNO

CBD— The folks behind the convention center have some pretty grand development plans, which could turn the riverfront area into a sort of tourist/conventioneer mini-city with a hotel, condos, retail space, parks, and even a people mover.

LOWER NINTH WARD— Check out this architecture student's idea to build an RV-turned-work space/design lab that would aid in the Lower Ninth's rebuilding process. Apparatus X details this way.

NOLA— Curbed Comparisons takes a look at what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various neighborhoods around town. This week's price: $1,200/month.

FRENCH QUARTER— The $70 million luxury apartments with 56,000-square-feet of retail space that's supposedly going up at the corner of Canal and N. Rampart Streets seems to have a case of the development limbo. And speaking of sites with the question mark status, let the waiting game continue concerning any sort of lease agreements at the former World Trade Center Building at the foot of Canal Street.