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Insider's Guide to Nola Dining, More On #Kalegate

NOLA— Here are 10 restaurants locals won't tell you about, per Sara Roahen: Bacchanal, Carmo, Mosca's, Casamento's, Commander's Palace, Crescent City Steakhouse, High Hat, Liuzza's By The Track, Middendorf's and Taceaux Loceaux. [Epicurious]

NOLA— Here is another take down of the #kalegate article the New York Times published yesterday, courtesy of Alejandro de los Rios. [Gambit]

UPTOWN— Ian McNulty on healthy newcomer Fare: "While the raisin spice cookies under the shop's glass pie domes look conventional enough, these treats are made with almond flour, flaxseed and palm oil shortening." But do they have kale? [Advocate]

UPTOWN— Coal-fired pizza joint Amici (3218 Magazine) is apparently also home to a deep-fried Oreo served with vanilla gelato, revealed yesterday during NoDef's coverage of National Oreo Day. [NolaDefender]

NOLA— This listicle of top 7 places to get seafood during Lent includes GW Fins, Peche, Kingish, Borgne, Pascal's Manale, Rio Mar, High Hat, and Big Fisherman. [GoNola]

MID CITY— A few Mid City spots for Lenten Fridays, courtesy of Della Hasselle, include Katie's, Parkway, Liuzza's, Mandina's and KJean seafood market. [MidCityMessenger]

UPTOWN— Robert Morris reports that the redevelopment happening at Magazine and Nashville (including a restaurant space) will include a New York-based tenant. Rare Cuts, Vom Fass, and Parcel's & Post are moving pronto to make way for construction. The developers say they're focused on 'higher-end locations, and going in and doing redevelopment or new development.' [UptownMessenger]

Liuzza's By The Track [Photo: Brasted]

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