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Behold The Craigslist Job Listing for 'Restaurant Enigma'

If you believe everything you read on Craigslist, looks like there is a potential 18 course tasting-menu restaurant heading to Magazine Street called Restaurant Enigma, without an Executive Chef on board yet. An Eater tipster calls the job listing "a little sketchy," which is undoubtedly true. Here is the job listing:

Looking for Executive Chef to run this dinner only 18 course tasting menu restaurant. Will serve no more than 20 covers per night. Owner is from Dubia and has fallen in love with New Orleans. He and his partners are looking to bring the first Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant to the city. Chef must be fluent in all techniques of Modern Spanish style cooking. Must have experience with liquid nitrogen, anti griddle, smoke gun, Zanthium Gum, Meat Glue, etc..........

The compensation is listed as $120,000, which means the exec chef should be able to afford a very fancy glue gun for bedazzling charcuterie. Know anything about Restaurant Engima? Leave a comment or send us a tip.

· Restaurant Enigma (Magazine street) [Craigslist]
A look down Magazine Street [Photo: Google Maps]