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Food, Mud, & Party Pics From Hogs For The Cause 2014

Troubleshooting, Friday, pre-Hogs [Photos: Brasted]

Saturday proved to be a very fun, crowded (record-breakingly so), beautiful and epically muddy Hogs For The Cause. For those wearing new and expensive shoes, sandals, heels and flip flops, consider it a lesson learned... Rain before fess=wear boots and embrace the funk-nasty. Despite the horrendous weather on Friday— in fact Drew Herrington of Team Fleur De Que helped saved the entire fest by marshaling a team of workers to drain the field after the torrential downpours— and the following mudpocalypse, fun was had by all. Here's tons of fess photos, the winners and all the local wrap ups from the Times-Pic, NoDef and more after the jump.

This year's Hog of Fame inductees: Lara Filipek and Drew Herrington
High on the Hog Grand Champion: CharQueterie
Beans: Fleur de Que
Sauce: Holy Smokes
Whole Hog: Aporkalypse Now
Shoulder: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Ribs: Frey Smoked Meat Company
Porkpourri: Swine Krewe
Top Fundraising team: Fleur De Que, raising over $63,000 for Hogs for the Cause.

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