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A Pizza For All Seasons: 2014 Index of Pizza Situations

Photos: Brasted

Pizza Week is almost over, which means it's time reevaluate all of our pizza prejudices. Or defend them to the death against strangers on the internet. Pizza—how much, what kind, from where, among whom—is the most important decision many of us will make this Friday, so it demands level-headedness and careful analysis. The most important thing to remember about settling on a pizza, though, is that, from moment to moment, different pizza takes on different characteristics. Pizza might be the only single food item that can change its wardrobe depending on the situation.

For instance, you might not ever consider eating Dough Bowl pizza for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon unless you're a) a college student or b) undercover as a college student, but at 3:00 am on a Saturday morning? Dough Bowl probably moves right to the top of your list. Each pizza place has its own perfect situation, but since you can't be expected to carry around a little playbook of pizza places whenever you step out of your house, Eater has gone through the trouble of crafting an updated handy situational pizza cheat sheet. Because we care (and because there are even more awesome pizza places in the city than there were two just two years ago).

When you're in the French Quarter and things just aren't going your way::

Vieuxx Carre Pizza


Little Vic's

When you have a whole family that you need to feed:




Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

When what you really what to do is fester in your pajamas while binge watching Archer on Netflix:

Mid City Pizza


Sugar Park

Reginelli's (but put some clothes on, jeez)

When you become the kind of person who has dessert for dinner because you're a rebel and won't let traditional binaries impede your deepest desires:

Magazine Pizza


When you become the kind of person who is so drunk/hungover you'll actually consider eating breakfast pizza:

Turtle Bay


When you're working all day and you want a pizza happy hour:



Crescent Pie & Sausage

When you require that the word "pizza" precede all other words in a restaurant's name:

Pizza Delicious

Pizza NOLA

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Pizza Nola

141 W Harrison Avenue Suite A, New Orleans, LA 70124 504 872 0731 Visit Website

Pizza Delicious

617 Piety Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504 676 8482 Visit Website