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Notes From The Pizza Underground at Hi Ho Lounge

The Eater Pizza Week stars aligned last night, as Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, The Pizza Underground, took to the stage at Hi Ho Lounge for two sold-out shows of utterly cheesy mayhem. Pizza Delicious was on hand with free pizza for the crowds, and master of ceremonies/band manager Anchovy Warhol made sure things ran smoothly all night. There were tons of great costumes, men's boutique Friend handed out gift cards, and Macaulay Culkin even stole a kiss from his lady on stage. Here now, the hangover observations and tons of party photos from The Pizza Underground show.

[Photos: Brasted]

· For the early show, doors were at seven, and two opening acts included an all girl group from Brooklyn, Carte Blanche, some of whom later adorned cat ears and danced on stage to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire, while a slideshow of cats flashed on a big screen behind them. Not even joking.
· Hi Ho has $2 tacos, and lots of people were devouring them.
· Best costumes of the night: Ninja Turtle, pizza box head, pizza hat couple, pizza cut-out person, leprechaun-hat guy, topless pizza-nipple guy.
· Michael Friedman of Pizza Delicious arrives with boxes of pizza around 8 p.m., before band has taken the stage. He gives "Mac" a Pizza Delicious shirt backstage. Monday is usually PD's day off, but Friedman says, "I love these guys. I reached out and told them we're already in this neighborhood, and we'd love to do the show."
· Friedman says he watched Home Alone at the shop while making the pizzas. "They order $122.50 in pizza, but the thing is Kevin only wants cheese pizza, and Buzz won't order it for him."
· Asked if Crescent Park is adding to their business, Friedman notes, "It's booming." Eater notes that we've seen a lot of people in the new park eating pizza. "It's like a Pizza Delicious ad over there," he says. Friedman misses the first show to go back and make more pizza for the late set, which starts at 10 p.m.
· The Pizza Underground takes the stage. Pizza boxes suddenly wafting overhead as if crowd surfing. "Who likes Pizza Delicious?" The Pizza Underground asks. "Isn't that Pizza...delicious?"
· Set comprised mostly of medleys, that is, they have a couple verses for each cover song and weave them together to make a few long songs. Really, it's a lot like this video.
· Sadly not a cover: Linger On, Your Pale Blue Eyes...Fingers on your last cheese slice? No?
· Band exits stage, so Mac can do a duet with lady friend, kissing ensues in middle of love song about agreeing on a cheese selection, while audience lets out collective roar of approval.
· The Pizza Underground asks the audience a couple jokes...
· First Joke: What is the best Irish pizza topping? Best audience response: Erin go broccoli. Punchline: We really don't know the answer. That's why we asked you.
· Second Joke: What do you call a greasy, cheesy, Irish guy who's also homeless? Best audience response: Macaulay Culkin. Punchline: Patty O'Pizza.
· Macaulay Culkin can play a toy trumpet really well, actually.
— Pizza Underground: "Do you guys like Nirvana? The restaurant on Magazine? Oh, the band too."
· Band leaves stage and Anchovy Warhol ushers on a Kurt Cobain for one song.
· Overheard in audience: "That looks like Freddy Kruger."
· Band returns along with a David Bowie for a few songs.
· Backstage, The Pizza Underground poses for a quick photo before preparing for the second show, telling Eater they've eaten at La Boulangerie, and will head to Domilise's for a po' boy before leaving, so yes, they eat things other than pizza.

[Photos: Paul Broussard]

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