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Eater NOLA's Pizza Week Starts Right Now

Ladies and gentlemen, Eater readers of all ages, please inch a little closer to the computer screen for a special announcement. Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5 p.m. Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things pizza for this, our second-ever Eater Pizza Week. Eater will be posting about all things pizza, from icons to newcomers, and readers will vote for their favorite pizza in town. There will be maps, guides, polls, galleries, interviews, and more. Come back regularly throughout the week to check it out and order some pies to join in the fun.

Before you go anywhere— let's get this pizza party started. On Friday, we'll be exploring the bizarre world of pizza delivery. Have an amusing or horrific pizza delivery story? Leave a comment or send it to the tipline. Carry on, pie people.

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