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Biscuits & Buns on Banks, Dick & Jenny's, More

Scott Gold reviews Biscuits & Buns on Banks this week, noting: "It feels like eating at a friend's house, which was surely the intention here, and the restaurant hits it spot-on," though sans booze, but lots of inexpensive brunch fare including crispy chicken and waffles, a "standout" French toast with grilled bananas and pancetta, and bonus points: "complimentary mini biscuits." [Gambit]

This week Ian McNulty reviews Dick & Jenny's, which has recently added an "Italian accent" to their long-standing Creole profile: "Executive chef, Lindsay Mason, retooled the menu with Stacy Hall, who has worked at the Dick & Jenny's kitchen off and on for years and is now chef de cuisine. The penchant for powerful flavors and out-of-the-ordinary dishes that made Dick & Jenny's reputation in the first place still persists." [Advocate]

Tom Fitzmorris has a THREE STAR experience at Slidell's Sapphire, which is the "rebirth" of Bywater's Restaurant Mandich, but also a stripmall nightclub: "Half of the menu shows off the best-remembered dishes from the old Mandich. Much seafood... a smattering of basic Italian dishes" like #1 Essential dish Eggplant sticks (the calamari of veg appetizers). The other half of the menu is all steakhouse fare. The downside: "The music is too loud and a decade too late in style. The potatoes that appear on most plates need to be looked at again." -1 hipness points means endless Sirius oonce oonce + seriously soggy spuds in a sapphire-hued nightclub= "Mandich has sort of returned from the dead" for a night at the Roxbury. [CityBusiness, sub req]

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