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Reviews for Mizado Cocina, Lola and Ruby Slipper

 Kitchen at Mizado Cocina
Kitchen at Mizado Cocina
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Ian McNulty reviews Mizado Cocina this week, the new ceviche mecca in Mid City from the Zeas/Semolina owners, The Taste Buds. While "ceviche gets the spotlight... compelling still are the tiraditos, which are like de-constructed sushi rolls without the rice." There's also mention of the light lobster "tacos nuevos" that swap out a shell for romaine lettuce, and the sinful play on mac and cheese "mac and chorizo." McNulty notes the "bewildering quick" service, which Gambit reviewer Scott Gold also noted about a month ago, which may be due to "iPads the servers use to enter orders directly at the table." [Advocate]

This week Scott Gold reviews popular Covington restaurant Lola, known for their simple and satisfying lunchtime options and white table cloth dinner service. Gold notes "great focaccia sandwiches, house-made soups, pork shank and risotto," all for under $10, and at dinner: elegant salads, and rustic sophistication— think, tender pork osso buco— that live up to a steeper, but not shocking, price tag. [Gambit]

Tom Fitzmorris hits up Ruby Slipper with a bff from high school who has a dirty old "breakfast habit" this week, doling out THREE WHOLE STARS. While T-Fitz doesn't identify his chosen location of Erich and Jennifer Weishaupt's diner (there are now four), he does mention the Mid City location as "more fun than cramped because you may know everybody there," likely because bff has "invited his whole office staff to join us." As for the food, T-Fitz "has cause for only niggling complaints" because "it's good across the spectrum." Helk, it's practically "Brennan's reincarnated," but, like, without the whole fisticuffs and liquidation of assets thing. Morris the Cat does appear to sit high on his scratching post with this one: "Someday, they must learn how to make good biscuits here." But chum the waters with some "happy" staff and +2 hipness points, and Fitzmunchkins be carrying on like "I have a feeling we will see many more Ruby Slippers as we travel down the yellow brick road." [CitySubscription, sub req]

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