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Dong Phuong's King Cake, The Sammich Coming Soon

NEW ORLEANS EAST— Dong Phuong's king cake doesn't just get the TP zombie treatment for Day 51 of 58, the cake is so unique it also gets its own video and cultural report: "This horseshoe-shaped ring of king cake is like no other. The outer edge is scalloped, cut before the cake rises so that the cinnamon layers inside show through... this is a very light king cake with tender dough and crisp edges." []

NOLA— Here are five buzzworthy new restaurants, courtesy of City Eat's Laura Higley: MoPho, Mint, The Tasting Room, Oak Oven, and soon-to-open The Sammich. [CityEats]

METAIRIE— Megan Braden-Perry reports that Big Easy Roasted Corn & Churros is now open at 3517 20th St., Metairie, serving authentic Mexican food near the mall: "Its namesake roasted corn is brushed with mayonnaise and sprinkled with cheese, and its crispy-outside-soft-inside churros are dusted with cinnamon sugar." [Gambit]