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Reviews for Ye Olde Bake Shoppe, Legacy Kitchen

Photo: -ENOLA-

Scott Gold reviews Ye Olde Bake Shoppe this week, the new Mid City addition from John Blancher on the Rock N Bowl compound: "It's nice to see a new bakery focusing on classics instead of killing itself with novelty...Large muffins are a pleasure, particularly one bursting with plump blueberries, as are individual coffee cakes topped with a sugary glaze." As for lunch: "Keep an eye out for two hot sandwiches, one with corned beef and the other with braised short ribs, both of which are served with a savory horseradish sauce...well worth $9 for a generous half portion" and chips. [Gambit]

This week Tom Fitzmorris crashes his Delorean into "the puzzler that is Legacy Kitchen," a Metairie diner that gets only TWO STARS for their conceptual retro fail: T-Fitz notes the intent at this Metairie joint is "to bring the food of a 1950s diner into the modern age" and also "for a former Shoney's to pretend that it's operating in 1953," which only confuses the Time Lord. Also clashing in the spacetime continuum: "Scatterings of doo-wop" and 70s hits played "much too loud", the design element of an "old manual typewriter as a leitmotif," and also some "outright trendy" food, including "near-Mexican dishes." Stranger still is T-Fitz' #1 Essential Dish, The House Salad, accompanied by absolutely no description of it. Worse still: "That crawfish concoction sent out with the fish is abysmal." No hipness points because large portions on "the heavy side" won't let T-Fitz' hoverboard defy gravity. [CityBusiness, sub req]

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