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Local Canned Beers For Parades, Kosher King Cake

UPTOWN— Here's a short video of La Cocinita's Rachel Billow talking about what it's like to sell food along the Mardi Gras parade route. []

NOLA— NoDef suggests you "can it" during Mardi Gras, with some local craft beers in cans for all your open-container needs. NOLA Brewing only distributes cans, including Hopitoulas and Irish Channel Stout, so they're a great choice. Abita amps up their can-game during Mardi Gras, and Tin House brews are also available in can. [NoDef]

UPTOWN— Kosher king cake is the name of the game at Hillel's Kitchen (inside Tulane's Jewish student center), with Todd Price reporting that they're "available with plain cinnamon filling and in a Zulu-style with chocolate and coconut" and no baby. Overall, the zombie herd likes it, with Price noting "I certainly didn't miss the dairy." []

La Cocinita [Photo: Brasted]