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What Are the Best Spots For Raw Oysters in New Orleans?

Photo: Nikki Mayeux

In honor of Valentine's Day Black Friday, let's talk about the most aphrodisiacal of foodstuffs— besides dark chocolate and fried calamari of course— for a moment. Oysters. Those succulent, raw bivalves are a staple for many a New Orleanian's diet during the fall and spring months. For this Friday Open Thread Eater wants to know, dearest readers, what are the best restaurants and bars for raw oysters in New Orleans?

We're talking raw oysters on the cheap, or raw oysters served in the ritziest of fashion. Where do you go when you want your fix by the dozen? Bonus points for your favorite shuckers, accoutrement, type of oyster, and cost. Hit the comments, or send an email, and have a great weekend.

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