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Single Living Rentals; Courtyard Brewery Plans; More!

Welcome back to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.
566 Emerald St./photo via Keller Williams

LAKEVIEW—How many people can say they live in a home designed by the guys who dreamed up the Superdome? Whoever ends up with this just-listed mid-century modern home will have those bragging rights.

NOLA— In honor of Valentine's Day let's show some love for the singletons and solo-dwellers out there. Here now are six rentals that were made for single living.

LOWER GARDEN DISTRICT— Things were chugging right along with the Courtyard Brewery's plans to set up in an Erato Street warehouse but that damn "winter storm" messed with some meetings and caused delays. Read all about it.

SOUTH MARKET DISTRICT— The Beacon will be the third addition to this downtown development party in the CBD with 114 apartments and 20,000-square-feet of retail space.

CBD—Here's one for the Sticker Shock files, y'all. This gaudy three-bedroom condo in the Walle Building is shooting for $2,375,000. Have a look around.